Dear Reader,

Thank you for coming to my site, as I have some important things to share with you. Foremost are thoughts on the ongoing social upheaval caused by masses of people willing to suffer beatings, torture and even death, to gain freedom from autocratic rule and to give them dignity, equality and economic opportunity. But more is needed than just freedom, political and economic change. For these changes to have lasting effect, people need to turn to their inner selves and know that they do have two parts, their physical self and their spiritual self — their immortal spirit.

I have written The KNOWERS — Second Move to help all people learn and know that they do have an immortal spirit. This knowing will help guide their physical ego to respond to their spirit’s purpose during its new earth experience with their physical body — to be an influence for love and compassion — to help themselves and others benefit from these ongoing beneficial changes.

The KNOWERS — Second Move awaits your click to read online or download at no cost. Enjoy.

Two of my new books, Long Trip Home and Romance in Bloom, were published in 2013 by Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Company. Both new books are available now and each offers fine enjoyment to the reader. Read about each book by clicking its title.

Robert Temple Frost