The KNOWERS – First Move

A Story of Social and Political Change

The KNOWERS – First Move; a novel by Robert Temple Frost

During a quite moment, have you ever wondered what you’re here for? Is there supposed to be some purpose in your life? Do you feel an aching sense that there is something you should know?

The answer for you may be in this heartfelt novel, The KNOWERS — First Move, by Robert Temple Frost. Share the experiences of Lucy Beringer, a TV anchor who has attracted a wide following since her revelation of dangerous plutonium waste handling at the Rocky Flats nuclear facility near Denver, Colorado.

Lucy has asked these same questions and discovers that the answers lie within her. She learns from her intuition that she has two parts — her physical body and her energetic body. Once acknowledged, her energetic body becomes an active force in her daily life. She feels her purpose in life is to help others, and she listens to its voice as it inspires and guides her. Her growing openness to life’s spirituality brings her confirming thoughts and metaphysical experiences that could very well be like those you, too, experience. You, too, can learn a whole new point of view about who you really are. Your journey will be through the safe, non-threatening pages of this exciting novel.

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Author’s Comments

This story reflects my concerns about the nation’s domestic and social issues. They are so immense. There is such apathy on the one hand, and polarization of viewpoints on the other, that resolutions seem almost impossible. The story presented in this novel has a visualization of what could happen if, at the grassroots level, a few, then many, heed a call and commit themselves to solve these problems.

If, after reading The KNOWERS, people feel motivated to work toward the resolution of the serious problems we face today, resolution is most certainly possible.

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