The KNOWERS – First Move

Book Review by David Bailey

The KNOWERS – First Move; a novel by Robert Temple Frost


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Boulder [Colorado] is a town brimming with idealistic individuals, where every smiling resident holds inside a yearning to be good. Yet today’s social problems form a complex insurmountable wall to the individual heart. The religious institutions which once channeled these feelings into communal faith and helpful programs are now eroding into outposts for the political right wing. Lucy Beringer is one of these individuals and out of her frustrations with American society, and from her heart, she begins The KNOWERS.

The recognition as TV anchorwoman gives her the leading edge over every waitress, construction worker, and student in the town who share the same dreams to form an organization which will help heal the problems of poverty, illiteracy, homelessness, and women’s rights. But Lucy’s vision is powerful enough to begin the FIRST MOVE, to quit her job and focus on helping people realize that all problems can be solved by coming from love. All those who share the energy and frustration in our current band-aids of help soon join and people leave the close-mindedness of evangelical preachers, abusive husbands, and drugs to join The KNOWERS. Lucy forms the group despite the pressures of her own world, a boss who is reluctant to let her go, a husband who needs her to build their family, and a daughter in the tumultuous time of college — and she succeeds. But above her personal success is the elevation of The KNOWERS from a local community group to a statewide, then national movement which grips our political machine with its solution to our sociological woes and inability to deal with them.

The KNOWERS – First Move is an inspiring novel, a story that exemplifies how every problem we face — from a sexual trauma to an environmental dilemma — may be solved and in the future prevented if we learn the simple task of coming from love with all our words and deeds. It is a moving guide to change and should be on the required reading list of every idealistic student.

David Bailey, a SEAC member, was an environmental lobbyist for Greenvote.