The KNOWERS – First Move

Book Review by Duane R. Fry

The KNOWERS – First Move; a novel by Robert Temple Frost


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The KNOWERS – First Move, a new book by Robert Temple Frost, is a refreshing fictional scenario taking place in Boulder, Colorado. As I read the book I found that I had the feeling that the events described were taking place intertwined with my own activities in Boulder. I was especially taken with the feeling that the author was actually describing much of my own recent activity. The author has lived in Boulder since 1947 and creates a very believable action-filled story. He describes a family caught in the usual family difficulties while breaking out of some of their past patterns to discover a new reality which they had no idea it would be possible for them to participate in creating.

I found myself feeling that Mr. Frost must have had the help of a lovely woman while writing this, for his female characters do not seem to me to be the creation of a male author. The book takes on many of today’s gritty problems as Lucy and her family work to overcome their own internal difficulties.

Lucy Beringer has a vision — a very large vision. She wants to leave her very lucrative position as a TV anchor in Denver to challenge a few windmills. To her family’s wonder and disbelief, she charges forward with her plans, even though she senses tension in family members. She seems to find a magic in the air, which brings her all the right ingredients moments before they are needed. Changes she initiates in Boulder seem quickly to take on statewide implications. As we read, we know that the infectious movement that began with Lucy will soon be a national trend bringing with it immense change for women, the homeless, drug abusers, abused children — in essence, all of us.

Once into the book, I believe you may find it hard to avoid taking time to discover what happens in the next chapter. There are 318 pages of excitement, Boulder and Denver happenings, and insights into the lives of some typical Boulder families. For light, yet meaningful, reading, I can truly recommend The KNOWERS – First Move as a book which you will enjoy and which may give you a new sense of social responsibility.

Duane Fry was an editor of the Teachers’ Catalog and Boulder Resource Directory in Boulder, Colorado.